February 11, 2011


Those of you embarking on a raw diet need to realize how free you can be with the fruits and vegetables that you have. I encourage you to eat until your heart is content. There are countless ways to prepare these foods. Having a food processor is key though. I'm not missing the mindless noshing in front of the television but instead enjoy a brisk walk listening to my favorite tunes on my iPod. You will be surprised how just a short brisk walk can decrease the appetite and keep your mind off the foods you think that you are missing. Let me say that I have not been 100% raw but my cholesterol has come down 20 pts which needless to say makes me very very happy. It's so important to enjoy who you are and everything that encompasses  being you and please do your very best to keep away from toxic people. I mean those ones that appear to be your friend or loving family member but instead seem to always find a way to bring you down. Stay focused on your happiness and the freedom that comes from being a happy person. Do your best each day to feel good about how you treated yourself and the people you encounter each day so that once your head finally hits that pillow at night you can be content with the fact that you did your very best.

February 2, 2011

Nothing Like It

Delicious fresh produce.  You are eating live nutritious enzymes straight from the earth. Learn to love and cherish these pure gems grown directly from the soil or in some cases your local grower.