December 4, 2010

Comfort Zone

I am so committed to getting out of this comfort zone, the comfort food zone I have been hiding in for some time now. Once  accomplished I am fully confident that other brave steps will soon follow. I think about uncomfortable situations I have been in which have pretty much all stemmed around social gatherings. I really just thought I had a chip missing in that area since I cringe at the idea; however, I found out many years ago the apple didn't fall too far from the old family tree. Mom for one, never cared for being in large groups and I know for a fact Grandpa Marvin definitely didn't . Our biggest move? Its called the 'ole  moseying out of the room'  a quiet sauntering away without anybody noticing. Let's face it, social settings are just a big part of our daily lives so we can't avoid it no matter how hard we try. Whether I like it or not it's time to buck up and cope.  I have decided its okay to be uncomfortable it keeps me alert to my insecurities and perhaps a few personality glitches that I need to work on. I like to think I'm not alone in this. And through the years as many of you well know, stuffing those feelings with food is oh so NOT the right path to choose. Taking charge of our eating habits thus our positive food choices I think brings an amazing inner strength. My daughter and I went raw for about one month a few years ago and I can honestly say my skin did glow, I want for my inner strength to glow as well. This is my journey.Thanks for coming along with me, it means the world.

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