December 8, 2010

Here We Go...

Yes today is the day! I know its a day earlier than I said but I am sooo ready for this. For the past few weeks all the cooked foods I have taken into this ole body of mine have set so terribly on my stomach. I really need to do this pronto! For those of you on my Twitter page, yes I'm writing an e Book for recipes but its going to take a while. I need to test out a few to make sure they have easy comprehensible steps. Basically, the recipes will center around Hawaiian produce which many of you can still find on the mainland. If not, I will provide a reasonable substitute (i.e, pears instead of starfruit). My recipes come from experience living here on the big island and from all the wonderful foods I have had the privilege of noshing on. Yes I will have several pineapple recipes including sweet as well as savory options. I love pineapple because its a very versatile fruit and comes in abundance here on the island. One thing I am really looking forward to is creating a raw vegan version of a very beloved German recipe passed down to me by my Grandmother. I'm sure hoping I can pull it off and I think with the help of my lovely daughters, my test kitchen will be in full swing, non stop until its just perfect. earlier discussion about food combining.,.I found this website that offers food combining charts. I'm sure you can make your own on photo shop or something but these are pretty nifty:

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