December 1, 2010

Hot Diggity!

I was wondering what the heck I was going to do for food on this new plan of mine. It seemed a daunting task at best since I would no longer be able to grab  for a piece of bread and some cheese or chips or a cookie. I had to think a little more on a creative level. I decided to google raw foods to see what kinds of dishes looked appealing. To my surprise I was able to find a ton of recipes that all looked tantalizing. I still needed to sort through all those that seemed somewhat appealing to my taste buds. As I took a gander through all the different combination's I tried to imagine how it would taste on my palate which made it a lot easier to choose which recipes I would actually experiment with. I didn't want to keep anything requiring too many steps because I know my love for this plan would go down in a blaze of glory quicker than you could say 'lettuce' especially if there were too many ingredients involved. The amount of raw recipes out there is unbelievably awe inspiring; I had to pace myself. So for today, I have chosen recipes such as: Crunchy Taco, Mock Salmon Pate', Raw Veggie Burger along with various smoothies and dessert options. I really love the idea of drinking Green Juice almost everyday since I have had it before and know the benefits involved. If its mixed just right, it's one of the most wonderful drinks to have as part of the list. In the past, I have made raw Nori rolls, calzones and pizza made in the dehydrator and of course Kale Chips with dip. Its important to follow the directions to the letter or the dish might taste a little like...'I am so not making this again'.  I gathered at least 50 recipes today from various websites so I think I'm set for a while. I'll post picture slides as I try some of the newer recipes.

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