January 2, 2011

Allergies Allergies Allergies

The Solution?  Master Cleanse

* 2 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice
* 2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup
* 1/10 Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper
* 10 oz of filtered water

That recipe is for a single serving of lemonade, and you should drink 6-12 servings a day. You can also make up a big batch by multiplying that recipe by however many servings you plan on drinking which is what I like to do and I use the citrus juicer above which proves to be far less work. Recipe for 2 Liters of water add:

250 ml of lemon juice approx 1 cup
250 ml of Maple syrup or to taste
Cayenne Pepper to taste
Hint: Add cayenne with each glass or it gets hot as it sits in the mix.

Keep your juice refrigerated, and don't make more then one days supply because you want the lemonade to be as fresh as possible when you drink it. I also purchased one of these little containers to take with me in the car (can also be kept in a little cooler for longer trips). Don't forget Senna tea in morning and at night or salt water flush every morning. Important to obtain the master cleanse book either on Amazon or your local natural food store.  Bottoms up!

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  1. I want to personally thank Rawkin Radio for the great information along with the interview with Alissa Cohen. I know how busy she is but in that short segment you were able to gather a ton of information so props to you and a huge shout out from the big island of Hawaii!