March 21, 2012


Learn More About This Terrible Disease  It saddens me to hear of those suffering from this and I can tell you I am a far cry from having this disorder, mine is quite the opposite. I'm what is referred to as an 'emotional eater' couple that with some physical issues, it's been a struggle keeping weight off although I have the best intentions to stay healthy. Lets say I know what to do but don't always do it. Exercise is key, but mainly, balance is key and defiantly listening to one's body plays a key role. Those with mental health problems don't always get the care they need so it's up to family members to step in; however, sometimes this can create much hostility in that individual so can easily be filed under the name of 'another catch 22'. No matter what one does to help it just all seems to backfire on them. What to do then? If you are a spiritual person I say pray as much as you can for these ones and hope they stop the destructive behavior. 

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