November 30, 2010

Hey Wait A Minute!

I just realized that the movie Tangled has a few hidden messages in it. The first being, if a person is limiting himself to certain life experiences it might be time for him to look beyond that invisible tower he is living in. There is more to life than just a small space in which we live or limit ourselves. It takes courage to step outside the box to experience the unknown. It dawned on me that fear has pretty much ruled my life. I absolutely hate not having control over my environment; not knowing what's around that corner bugs me out something fierce so part of this journey for me is to step out of this way of thinking and embrace whatever lays ahead good or bad.

Every moment in our life is a learning opportunity or a teachable moment whether we are the student or instructor but first it's important to know a bit more about ourselves before we can teach others. The space that I am in right at this moment is beginning to feel like an inching toward my own tower window. The second message is, everyone has some kind of goal to accomplish and if that goal isn't reached than it kind of causes a snowball effect of disappointments. Having a little courage, just that little bit can go a long way toward a world of discovery.

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