November 28, 2010

Just Me

Just an FYI, I decided to begin this journey BECAUSE I have one kidney...I'm getting older and have sustained a few injuries since moving to Hawaii. Therefore,  my life has slowed down quite significantly. For some reason and for the last 5 years I have had high blood cholesterol. The oddest thing is that I have been a  pescatarian (veggies and fish) for nearly that length of time. As far as family history goes there are a few  family members that seem to just make cholesterol naturally so I guess I was elected to carry on this same trait. So...I don't propose to push this eating lifestyle on to anyone, its just something I need to do and hope to carry on with. Yesterday I felt a little discouraged but today I feel just as strong about it as the day I decided to begin the plan. I did a trial run last week 4 days eating raw food. I felt so good I just had to strongly contemplate doing this as long as possible. I choose to do this, it's not a chore or a journey of deprivation..I'm not being sent to the naughty corner. I choose to not put toxic food into my body, my temple, as it were. The only missing thing right now for me is cardiovascular activity since I'm still recovering from a foot injury. Once I'm out of this walking cast, hopefully I'll get some rehab which will include swimming again then eventually back to the treadmill (man do I miss running). The less drastic form of exercise for me is Pilates and a little strength training exercises. I thank you for taking the time to read this and I know many of you might think this is a crazy thing to do but when you are a person in the 15 percentile of every odd thing, physically anyway...too many things to number in fact, you might be more of a candidate for a pure eating plan filled with identifiable fare .

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