December 21, 2010

Keepin It Real

 Keeping it really interesting for sure. It's very important to pace oneself because there are so many recipes out there. I just received my new book from Alissa Cohen and what great recipes she has that I have yet to make. I have frozen some coconut flesh but can't decide which recipe to use it for. She has a wonderful sauce for nori rolls that I might make but then again the coconut parfaits my daughter and I created last year are kind of calling to me right now. What to do. With each creation from her book I make I'll try to post a photo. I'm going to also be creating my own Hawaiian versions of some of the staple foods for the raw foodie, tweaking it up for my own taste and making it with as much Aloha as I possibly can. Most of the produce I will be using can be obtained from your local grocer on the mainland. Last visit, I noticed Henry's sells Thai coconuts already shaved from the shell. Very nice for mainlanders since the man at the farmer's market uses a machete just to get to the nutritious water for sipping. We love to walk around with this delicious natural electrolyte filled drink while we shop the produce sections. I usually take the nut home to chop open for the flesh. It's work, but oh so worth it. The photo's below are from the last coconut I purchased. With baby Thai's the flesh is so soft and easy to remove. (just use the back of a spoon and work your way around). Alissa uses a hatchet, I use a butcher knife but I think a hatchet might work even better.
Mm Mm Good
Quite the delicacy
Delicious Raw Coconut

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