December 13, 2010

Happy Happy Happy

5 days now and I feel great! I am discovering each day all the different concoctions I can come up that makes my tummy smile. Through the years, I've learned with juicing that it's really about using just a 'little bit of this and a little it of that' meaning, just throw in all the stuff either you want to get rid of or looks good to you. My mind is swirling around with ideas but I think its good to slow down a bit to concentrate on the day’s menu. It's so easy to get stressed out about what's in the fridge and what yet needs to be purchased, but have no fear, it all works out if you just use a little creativity and keep in touch with other raw bloggers here and on Twitter. Two things I’m going to do today:
Make an apple crumble and chocolate truffles (keep in mind these are a rare treat). The best menu to follow is veggies and fruit, whole or juiced, a few nuts here and there and the occasional raw bar for the movies or short car trip.

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