December 18, 2010

Wonders Never Cease

Its funny how life takes a turn in more ways than one; however, for now I want to talk about having no food in my house the past few days and how cooked food made me feel so blasé. I am at the mercy of my family to drive me around since I am wearing a cast. This presents itself as a very big problem and oh what a difference when I don't have pure raw food in my diet. I feel horrible and sleep even worse. This just tells me I am definitely on the right path with keeping at least an 80% raw diet. I would like to lean more toward 95% give or take the not so raw almond or splash of rice milk once in a blue moon. (Addendum: 12/20/10..I just listened to rawkin radio and listened to what Alissa said about not being 100 %  raw. She says the body doesn't get a chance to totally detox if you are still eating a little cooked food here and there. If you want results you must eat there you have it!) One muy importante thing to remember, please please stay positive! It seems like almost everyday some annoying little noid creeps in trying to upset the apple cart. Well don't let it! Stay happy, positive and on a very mentally clear pathway.

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